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I am researching on how to win over procrastinating. I have found a lot of Youtube videos. Though I have found a book which is very useful to win over this pathetic loser, that is Shoedog by Phil Knight. Mr. Knight has shown us how to win over all the odds to live a meaningful life.

I have found myself living in Oregon and observing the foundation of ‘Nike’. For Knight and other shoe dogs ‘Nike’ is more than a shoemaker; Nike is life, Nike is a torchbearer.

Shoedog tells us the story of both Knight and Nike, how Knight started Nike, the social, economic and global circumstances at the early 60s etc. How Nike grows up living with so many problems and setbacks. The book was an interesting and fascinating trip of struggle and success, hope and despairs. We could know Phil’s personals stories also.

Shoe Dog is not teaching you how to do business. It just shows you the way to make new laws for your company and brand new rules for your own life. It tells you not to overthink about the future, just take care of the roles and responsibilities out there. It makes you understand the strong relationship among the right people can do great things.

I am not interested in business yet, I learned to fight against all the odds and whatever the situation is ‘just do it’.

Lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies. Before joining here, she worked as a lecturer in Journalism & Media Studies at Stamford University Bangladesh.
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